Dynamic Software Development Limited - Dynamic POS System Watch & Jewelry Industry

    Watch & Jewelry

Dynamic POS System is suitable for high-value products indutry such as watches, jewelry, electronic products. System supports functions including product brand, model, inventory serial number (SNID) and individual serial number costing features.  Dynamic provides related inventory functions such as product setting, barcode printing,  serial number management, stock take and inventory report analysis.

1) Product Category Classification

User can define the type of watches such as metal watches, plastic watches, pointer watches, electronic watches, sports watches, etc. Besides, User also classify Jewelry as precious metals, jade, crystal gems, organic gems and so on. Dynamic POS System allows users classifying their goods into different product groups and models for which facilitates category management, information retrieving, inventory and sales management.

2) Serial Number Management and Cost Control

Each product supports independent serial number according to the manufacturing order. System calculates the cost and inventory stock according to the independent number/serial number. The inventory stock and cost are calculated clearly and accurately according to the serial number.

3) Multi-level Member Management

VIP members can be divided into different groups for management. Different groups of members can enjoy different level of discount and sales promotion.

4) VIP Promotion Offers

The VIP program can be managed in conjunction with membership points which allowing members to redeem different gift rewards at different groups level.

5) Stock Count Function

As the value of jewelry and watches is high, inventory control is very important. In order to control accurate inventory stock on hand, Dynamic POS System can help to improve the stock take procedure and spent less time on inventory checking and see if there are any product missing or loss. It also can support using barcode handheld data collector to do stock count and reduce human stock take mistake.