Dynamic Software Development Limited - Dynamic POS System Fashion Industry


Dynamic POS System provides fashion & clothing retail industry functions. It is applicable to fashion apparel, children's wear, caps, handbags, leather goods and so on.

Features include: multiple styles, multiple sizes, multi-colored features, supporting for different seasonal and branded items. Style products support 2D (color/size) and 3D (color and size) management. Dynamic POS System also provides related inventory functions from the style product setting, printing style barcode, style inventory management, inquiring style products and style report analysis.

1) Style Product Groups Management

褲類 帽類





2) Style Color Management - Support different color codes


3) Style Size Management - Support different countries' size code such as Europe, USA, Japan and etc.

4) Bundle Product Management - Support various package combinations




Package 1 

 Suit Coat + Trouser

Package 2 

Blouse + Tie 

Package 3 

Suit Coat + Blouse + Trouser

5) Diversified Promotion Management - Support various criteria of promotion plans

6) Support seasonal products

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

7) Support viewing style/ individual product by matrix format - by color/size, by size/ location, by size/stock/sales